When someone’s young son commits suicide , and his daughter is unable to take care of him , he is left to fend for himself. You think , Life is not fair on him , but god has his own ways of taking care of his pupils. Such is the case with Mr Poonamchand from Shraddhalay old age home in Dhar . His life was in misery because of severe pain and deformity in both knees , worse in right . He had a glimmer of hope when Mr Durgesh nagar and Dr Dipendra Sharma took upon themselves to help this hexagenarian . They were heartbroken when they showed him to Orthopedician locally who advised a knee replacement as the only option left , which would cost a bomb. But then they met Dr Pranaw Kumar who decided to help the holy soul. Together they got on board Dr Prakash Banghani who has a heart of gold , and he agreed to get the operation done free of cost at Arihant hospital , Indore . The very challenging surgery went exceptionally well in the able hands of Dr Kumar and his team . Mr Poonam chand is now on the path of recovery and is doing better than expected. The team plans to get his other knee also treated and give him a better life . Someone has correctly said angels come in different forms and they cradle the needful without you realising .

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