Dietetics & Nutrition Therapy Department

At Arihant Hospital Indore, our Dietetics & Nutrition Therapy Department is at the forefront of educating patients and the general public about the significance of adopting good eating habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through thoughtfully planned diets.

Various approaches adapted by our team are:

  1. Nutritional Disease Management: The department specializes in the nutritional management of patients, focusing on both treatment and prevention strategies. This integration of nutritional science and dietetics plays a pivotal role in lifestyle management.
  2. Holistic Treatment Approach: Our approach involves a comprehensive treatment plan, encompassing screening, assessment of current nutritional status, therapeutic solutions, and regular follow-ups for both In-Patient (IPD) and Out-Patient (OPD) cases.
  3. Customized Diet Plans: Experienced Nutritionists meticulously craft diet plans tailored to individual patients, considering their medical history and food preferences. 
  4. Quality Food Assurance: A dedicated team of five ensures that the food served to patients maintains the highest quality standards and is prepared under stringent hygienic conditions.
  5. Specialized Counseling: Patients, including those who are post-operative, dealing with chronic illnesses, diabetes, major gastrointestinal problems, and lifestyle diseases, receive expert counseling for correct dietary advice.

The Dietetics & Nutrition Therapy Department at Arihant Hospital is committed to promoting overall health and well-being through informed dietary choices and personalized nutritional guidance.

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