Critical Care Department

Arihant Hospital, Indore boasts one of the most advanced critical care setups, featuring dedicated critical care units which comprises Medical Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Critical Care Unit, Surgical Critical Care Unit, Pediatric Critical Care Unit, and Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

Our critical care units are staffed by a highly dedicated team of full-time intensivists, skilled resident doctors, and nurses. They collaborate closely with medical, surgical, and paediatric consultants to provide the most comprehensive and efficient treatment. Equipped with state-of-the-art monitors, ventilators, ECG machines, Infusion Pumps, and host of other equipment to offer the most advanced critical care.

Critical Care Department is further supported by 24/7 critical care ambulance equipped with all critical care equipments having dedicated team of doctors, nurses and paramedics to take care of the patients right from their homes. 

Strict adherence to “Standard Operating Critical Care Protocols” mandated by authorities is maintained in our critical care center. Additionally, isolation rooms are available, if required, to cater to immunocompromised patients.

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