First floor

Operation Theatre:  Operation Theatre built on internatio


nal standards for super specialty operations. The following are the Characteristics of O.T.:-

  1. Four O.Ts with Laminar Flow with 0.3 micron filtration of air, thus reducing substantially any chances of hospital infection.
  2. Movement sensor scrubbing area.
  3. Three Large Store rooms.
  4. One Sterilization room with horizontal and vertical sterilizer .

Septic OT: – One septic OT with complete Isolation & 100% Fresh air exchange. Labour room, plaster room and minor OT.


Critical care at Arihant Hospital exists to provide acute care for those patients who are generally unstable, critically ill and those in urgent need of advanced monitoring and intensive treatments of an Intensive Care Units (ICU). These tasks are carried out with precision, synchronization and coordination of a multidisciplinary team in eight ICU’s with unwavering commitment and teamwork.

Our Critical care team provides a full spectrum of Medical, Ca

rdiac, Surgery and trauma critical care services to the sickest of the patients. The Physicians are highly skilled and specialized in diverse specialties of Medicine and Surgery. The nursing care is focused to meet the psychological, physical and emotional needs of the patient.

Essential for the quality of Critical care provided by Arihant Hospital are its facilities. The ICU’s unique design enables the nursing and Physician staff to have a full view of virtually all patients at all times. Each of the 8 beds has state-of-the-art technology that enables staff to monitor patie

nt’s vital signs continually. ICCU Multi-parameter monitors, Infusion Pump

, ventilators, centrally piped Medical Gases, and other hi-tech equipments are in place, which are vital for the functioning of an ICCU. Telecommunication system from waiting area to patient in I.C.U. is installed for visitors to see their patient and communicate.

NICU & PICU: Multi Para monitor with centrally piped medical gas system

Labour Room:

Recovery Room: 6 beded centrally air condition and fully equipped recovery room with central vacuum, Oxygen and compressed air.

* Direct access to transfer patient to recovery room and I.C.U.

Other Specific Features :-


Air Conditioning :- Air conditioning is done by internationally known Company, ETA.

3 chillers of 30 Tr. Each capacity with automatic switch over as needs increases.


O.T. Complex , I.C.U Recovery Room, all private rooms , OPD doctors room, all hospital administrative department and medical superintendent room are Centrally Air conditioned.


Hospital Lobby, all semiprivate rooms, Two General Wards (capacity of 10 bed each), Drug shop, Optician Shop, Blood Collection room are centrally Air cooled.



Fire Fighting :- Centrally planned firefighting system with hose pipes and fire extinguishers on every floors. 25000 litre water storage exclusively for firefighting system.


Lifts : Provision for two lift which can patient with bed, Out of which one lift is functioning having capacity to carry 20 men at a time from basement to sixth floor.

 Water Tank : 3’’ direct line of municipal Corporation with 1,20,000 liter capacity under ground  tank and 75000 liter overhead tank.

Dharmshala :- 16 rooms, each room furnished with 2 beds, kitchen and attached toilet, for  patient’s relative to stay.


Training for Duty Doctors & Nurses

Auditorium with Internet Facility. Regular lectures by attending consultants of various specialty. Connected to OT for live demonstration of surgery to auditorium with two way communication.

24 hour Facilities:

Ambulance Facility

Radiology, Pathology Facilities


Casualty, Emergency Facility with expert Doctors

Centre for Polytrauma,


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