Preventive Cardiology Department (PCD)

The Department of Non-Invasive Cardiology is one of the busiest departments of the hospital and has state-of-the-art facilities. The echoes include stress echoes, dobutamine stress echoes, vascular dopplers, transoesophageal echoes, intraoperative TEE and foetal echoes. The department constitutes of 2 divisions: 1. catering to the indoor patients 2. Outpatient Officies of Doctors. The Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory is run by Dr. A K Pancholia and Dr. P G Raman the two senior consultants, Cardiologists who are whole time dedicated to the work in the Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory. Besides them the staff includes Registrars & Jr. Consultants practicing non-invasive cardiology and technicians & stenos. The indoor facility provides for echoes done in the echo room. Echoes are also done on an emergency basis round the clock indoors. The policy is not to give appointments which makes the patient come back to the hospital again, but to do the echoes as they come. The waiting time is not more than half an hour and the department also gives typed reports within 15 minutes to half an hour of the pocedure.
The department follows an active involvement in hands on training in echocardiography. These doctors come from all over India to learn and then subsequently go back and practice what they have learned.

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