Physiotherapy is the treatment of any disease; deformity or malfunctions, by distinct therapeutic measures like exercises, heat etc. and has, over the years, gained vast acceptance as a sophisticated and essential medical technology. In short Physiotherapy is a broadened branch of modern science; novel in approach, grand in status and proven in it’s effectiveness which strives not only for the improved functional status of the patient but for his improved quality of life too.

The department offers comprehensive services in areas of:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation.
  • Physiotherapy in Geriatrics.
  • Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics.
  • Physiotherapy in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • Physiotherapy in Sports injuries.
  1. This department is the only department of Physiotherapy in Delhi to use Intermittent Vaccum/Compression Pump in treating post mastectomy lymphedema, venous insufficiency, amputation and traumatic oedema. The department is one of the very few to utilize the modern technology of Electro Myographic Bio Feed-back for muscle reactivation, relaxation therapy, postural correction and treatment of uro-gynaecological disorders.

Hydrotherapy Centre

Hydrotherapy is the use of water, either internally or externally, to maintain health and prevent disease. Although it was the Romans who introduced spas throughout the Roman empire, modern hydrotherapy is commonly attributed to Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821-97), who believed that water would ‘dissolve, remove and strengthen’. Dissolve matter-containing disease, remove diseased matter from the body and strengthen the body by restoring cleansed blood to the tissues and maximizing circulation.

According to its mineral content, water taken internally can have a laxative, diuretic, phlegmatic (phlegm producing) or diaphoretic (perspiration-inducing) effects. Used externally, water has the power to improve blood and lymph circulation, relax tension in the tissues, alleviate pain and calm the nervous system.

In the past, little controlled research had been carried out into hydrotherapy; and what little there had been done, was more often than not, and conducted in Germany. However, in recent years some interesting studies have been carried out into the varied forms and applications of hydrotherapy in medicine.

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