Gastroenterology department is equipped with various Routine out-door, in-door and emergency facilities

Out-door, in-door and emergency services include:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies
  • Routine upper and lower gastrointestinal tract-endoscope
  • Endoscope removal of large common bile duct calculi
  • Placement of metal stints for palliation of esophageal, Gastro-duodenal, Biliary, Pancreatic and Colorectal cancers
  • Pancreatic endotherapy such as pancreatic stone removal and pancreatic stenting, endoscope pseudocyst drainage
  • GI hemostasis is achieved by hemoclips, bipolar electo-coagulation, argon plasma coagulation, variceal band ligation, endoloop
  • Endoscopic mucuosal resection
  • Chromoendoscopy

Endoscopic treatment for gastro-esophageal reflux disease is also done.


Endoscopic ultrasonography unit

  • Facilities for performing diagnostic radial EUS but also linear electronic EUS guided biopsy and other interventional EUS procedures.
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