A Mindful Gift To Neurosurgery

A Mindful Gift To Neurosurgery

In the road to becoming a successful Neurosurgical Hospital in Indore, Arihant Hospital welcomed the knowledgeable neurosurgeon, Dr.Rahul Jain who with his laurels and expertise has been achieving milestones in the field of neurology and is a trusted name.

This is a step taken by Arihant Hospital Research Centre Indore to improve the quality of neurosurgical facilities in the city. Although there are no special or single personality traits that can define all the neurosurgeons but according to the basic standards set by the authorities in charge of the Health Care India , there exist a few features that can be underlined:-

  • The capability to collect, recollect and then use the scientific information is indispensable.
  • A clear and deep understanding of the anatomy, physiology and other disciplines is also required which cannot be ignored at all.
  • So are the constructional and the three-dimensional orientation. Neurosurgeons can now operate in and around the brain, spinal cord, nerves and blood vessels, and the special ability to analyze and understand these spatial relationships which underlies all the successful neurosurgical procedures as have been surfaced up by latest technological advancements.
  • Some degree of mechanical ability is also needed. All the operations, by their definition, require at least some degree of manual dexterity, from the tying of the knots to the placing of aneurysm clips.
  • In addition to all these above mentioned skill sets, a successful neurosurgeon must also embody certain personal qualities, which include:
  • Thorough and a meticulous dedication, clear understanding, and empathy and compassion towards your patients, and
  • A strict professionalism which introduces strength in the ability to work well within a group or system towards achieving a particular goal.

The neurosurgery team at Arihant Hospital Research Centre Indore brings together an expert panel of neurosurgeons, neuro-intensivists, neuro-radiologists, and a specialized and dedicated medical staff so as to mete out the best neurological-care possible and we also ensure that we are constantly updating ourselves in terms of advancements in the field of medical research and technique. Our physicians and neurosurgeons like Dr. Rahul Jain specialize in the procedure of surgical treatment of the neurological diseases and disorders and also in the treatment of trauma in the head, neck and the spinal cord.





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