What Arihant Hospital’s Doctors Have To Suggest Children This Winters

What Arihant Hospital's Doctors Have To Suggest Children This Winters

Winter is a great season for enjoyment where children can enjoy themselves at large with loads of outdoor activities. Cold weather is a great invitee for innumerous fun filled events which is an alarm for a lot of diseases as well. So from an elite Pediatrician In Indore, these are certain tips that should be followed if parents and their kids wish to enjoy winters safely:-

  1. Children should not be allowed to play outside in stormy weather since it can have serious implications especially on younger children.
  2. Check often that your child is warm and dry and make sure that he is warm from inside which is more important.
  3. Wind chills should be avoided generally because it causes the body temperatures to drop down immediately.
  4. Apply sunscreen to them even if the weather is cloudy as the sun rays are really harmful, even during winters.
  5. You need to dress your child in layers of clothing which will keep his body heat insulated.
  6. A head gear is a must as a lot of winter chill enters inside the body through the ears.
  7. Keep your hands and feet covered so as to prevent from frostbite as that can cause the blood to clot.
  8. Mittens should be worn instead of simple woolen gloves, so that the fingers can be kept close together and also warm.
  9. Use a neck warmer instead of a mitten or scarf, in order to prevent choking in the throat.
  10. After coming from a frosty situation, you should immediately remove the warm and wet clothes as it will lead to body temperatures going down, all of sudden and it may lead to fever as well.

Winter season is the season for a lot of enjoyment but it also provides a lot of health related risks. Either you should take precautions from the beginning or you should visit the most reliable Pediatrician In Indore.

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